The English Premier League meets on Monday to discuss postponing matches due to Corona

The English Premier League meets on Monday to discuss postponing matches due to Corona

The English Premier League announced that a meeting will be held next Monday to discuss the fate of some league matches during the holidays.

due to the outbreak of the Corona virus. This came after 42 confirmed cases of coronavirus were discovered among English club players and staff.

This is the highest weekly number recorded since testing results began to be published in May 2020, and the Corona virus had swept through the Manchester United team, to name a few.

And there are only 7 players available to play in coach Ralf Rangnick’s list, according to the newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

The Premier League’s decision to postpone the Red Devils’ clash with Brighton was ultimately the only option, after the match against Brentford was postponed, and nine Premier League matches were postponed last week, due to the outbreak of the virus.

And Manchester United announced the tightening of precautionary measures after the postponement of the team’s next match in the English Premier League.

Which was scheduled against Brighton next Saturday, by a decision of the Premier League, which announced that the new date for the meeting will be determined at a later time.

The club said in an official statement following the postponement decision:

“The health of players and staff is our priority. Due to the number of players and staff who have to be isolated due to the novel coronavirus infection, the club had no choice but to request a postponement of the match. The Premier League has taken the decision to postpone based on medical advice.”

The statement added:

“Work at the Carrington Training Complex will also be suspended for a short period, to reduce the risk of transmission.” Manchester United concluded its statement by saying: “We regret any disappointment or inconvenience to fans due to the postponement.”

This is the second match in a row for Manchester United to be postponed due to the outbreak of the Corona virus among its players.

Voices began calling for all English Premier League matches to be postponed due to the epidemic, but the Premier League did not issue any decision in this regard and was satisfied with postponing a number of matches in recent weeks to limit the spread of infection.

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