Eriksen might never play football again

After the good news that the Danish national team star Eriksen’s condition has stabilized, cardiologists have suggested that Eriksen might never play football again.

He fell suddenly at the end of the first half of the match between his country and Finland.

Eriksen, 29, staggered for a moment without anyone touching him and then fell on the field. Quickly, medical staff intervened to rescue him and transported him to a nearby hospital. The match was paused for a while before it was completed again.

Denmark national team doctor Martin Boysen said the medical device had intervened “to save Eriksen’s life”. The player underwent first aid in order to “resuscitate his heart”.

According to the doctor’s description, the crew succeeded in “bringing Christian Eriksen back to life”.


Eriksen might never play again


Despite the announcement by UEFA that Eriksen’s condition is “stable”, his return to football has been called into question.

Meanwhile, Sanjay Sharma, an athlete cardiologist at the St. George’s University of London, said, “something terrifying had happened. But, the doctors succeeded in bringing him back to life. The question is what happened and why?”

“The results of this player’s tests were normal until 2019,” added the doctor, who previously worked with Eriksen when he was a player at Tottenham Hotspur. “That was before his departure to Inter Milan.”

Football players in Britain are subject to very strict medical tests, according to Sharma.

The doctor explained, “The good news is that he has woken up. However, the bad news is that his career is coming to an end. So will he play professional football again? I cannot say that.”

He said Eriksen’s heart attack could be due to an unknown health condition or possibly a high temperature. But, the reports that the player is “alive” are a very good sign in his opinion.

However, Sharma questioned Eriksen’s ability to play football again, after recovering from the current malaise.

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