Eto’o: World Cup Qatar 2022 Will Be the Best in History

Former superstar and Qatar Legacy Ambassador Samuel Eto’o spoke about the parallels between the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. He described the two championships as the top of the pyramid in the world of sports.

Eto’o said that any athlete dreams of winning a gold medal in the Olympics. Likewise, every football player dreams of scoring the winning goal for his team in the World Cup.

He expressed his aspirations that the Olympic Games will witness the brilliance of many rising stars.

He hoped that the teams representing Afric, Ivory Coast, South Africa, and Egypt, would appear honorable.

About the benefits of participating in the Olympics for football players. “Football competitions at the Olympics will always have a special place in my heart because of the title I won with Cameroon in 2000,” the Cameroonian legend said.

He recalled winning the gold medal with the Cameroon national team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Back then, he was in the prime of his football career.

He said that he was super happy with this title. It came after fierce competition. Also, he praised his teammates at the time.

Eto’o described his former colleagues as the warrior battalion. He said, “The tournament was very difficult. But we reached the final and managed to defeat Spain and win the title after we were two goals behind.”

On the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, the Qatar Legacy Ambassador said: “I think it will be the biggest event ever. Especially since it is taking place for the first time in the Middle East.”

He concluded, “I hope that Cameroon will reach the 2022 World Cup final with Qatar. So that they can make history together.”

In fact, Qatar has completed its preparations to host the 2022 World Cup. It equipped a number of World Cup stadiums with the latest specifications.

It has also prepared an integrated infrastructure to seamlessly host teams and fans from around the world.


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