World Cup 2022.. Bruno Fernandez: Ghana is a strong team, and Ronaldo did not talk to me about his decision


Bruno Fernandez, the Portuguese national team player, confirmed that everyone is focused on the World Cup and the Ghana match, which is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, within the framework of the first round of Group H of the 2022 World Cup, which will be held in Qatar and will continue until December 18.

Bruno Fernandes said during the press conference for the Ghana match, “We know that Ghana is a strong team with good players who are strong, fit, quick and usually perform very well.” Bruno added, “We know what the World Cup means to Cristiano and I am sure he is focused as always.” .

Bruno Fernandez continued: “It was great to play in the national team with Cristiano and in the club, but we know that nothing lasts forever. Now Ronaldo made a different decision and we have to respect that as players, and he did not speak to me about his decision.”

Group H competitions in the 2022 World Cup include Portugal, Uruguay, South Korea and Ghana.

The marketing value of the Portugal national team amounts to 937 million euros, according to the global “Transfer Market” website, to surpass Uruguay, which ranks second, while Ghana comes third, and South Korea ranks bottom.

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