FIFA decides to adopt a semi-automated stealth robot for the first time in the 2022 World Cup


Press reports revealed today, Wednesday, that the International Football Association Board (FIFA) will formally determine, at the Doha meeting next Monday, the introduction of technology in the 2022 World Cup matches and the adoption of a “line man robot” after the success of experiments on it in the last Club World Cup in the UAE.

The FIFA Referees Committee announced the names of the World Cup referees recently, but it did not announce the use of the “line robot” technology, pending its official approval by FIFA at Monday’s meeting.

And the British newspaper, The Sun, confirmed that FIFA President Gianni Infantino supports the adoption of the “semi-automated infiltration” system through the “line man” robot in the World Cup, whose matches will start next November, after a series of experiments in a number of recent official tournaments.

Al-Sun added: The “Line Man” robot uses 10 cameras to track 29 physical points for each player with high accuracy, and has previously experienced it in the Club World Cup in 2019, which Liverpool won, the Arab Cup in Qatar at the end of last year, and the last Club World Cup in the UAE.

The Sun indicated that the Italian Collina, head of the FIFA Referees Committee, criticizes the use of the term “offside robot” and believes that referees and assistants are still responsible for making decisions on the field and technology only gives them support to make faster and more accurate decisions, especially when the offside decision is very difficult.

Cameras are installed to activate the automatic infiltration technology parallel to the two contact lines around the field to capture the movement of players and the ball. The technology gives about 29 data points for each player by creating three-dimensional visual images to distinguish whether the player is ahead of any part of his body, as is the case in video games.

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