FIFA reveals the members of the Technical Study Group for the 2022 World Cup


FIFA today unveiled the members of the Technical Study Group, which will provide advanced analysis of all matches of the 2022 Qatar World Cup with the aim of understanding the game further and developing it worldwide. The group will include Jurgen Klinsmann, Alberto Zaccheroni, Cha de Re, Sunday Oliseh, Fred Mondragon and Pascal. Zooberpool, headed by Arsene Wenger, and FIFA announced that more than 15,000 data points will be collected from each match.


The team, which will be led by FIFA’s Head of Global Football Development, Arsene Wenger, consists of Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany), Alberto Zaccheroni (Italy), Cha Dire (Republic of Korea), Oliseh (Nigeria), Fred Monragon (Colombia) and Pascal Zuberpooler (Switzerland), and will be supported in their duties by the Head of the FIFA High Performance Programme, Mr Ulf Schott, and the Head of the FIFA Football Performance and Analysis Programme, Mr Chris Loxton, as well as a team of football analysts, engineers, data scientists and performance analysts based in Qatar and Wales.


FIFA provides the teams participating in the tournament, their players and the audience following them through various broadcast channels, a set of data, data and highlights related to performance, and using the latest technology, the enhanced football intelligence service developed by the high performance team in FIFA and Mr. Arsene Wenger will provide new and exciting insights to enrich coverage and analysis of each match in the tournament. This is done by displaying a special set of visuals and graphics with augmented reality technology during and after the matches.


In addition to analyzing the events on the field, the technical studies group will study the trends and changes that affect the future of the game and the extent of their implications for the qualification of coaches and the development of talents, which Wenger explained, saying: “We want to describe, analyze and interpret what is happening on the field to inspire technical experts first and football fans Football in general, and we will not only collect more data than we used to collect before, but we also aim to find the right balance between technical expertise and data, and we want to inform viewers of our technical observations directly and during the tournament, and not months after its end.


The members of the group will be present in Qatar stadiums to analyze the playing systems and tactical strategies and monitor the individual performance of the players and choose the most deserving of them for the FIFA awards that will be announced in the final of the tournament. opponents, and how much pressure they put on the ball carrier, which will result in the collection of more than 15,000 data points per match.


The Technical Study Group Center is located in the FIFA Training Center, and it is an innovative platform available to players and coaches all over the world. This digital platform that includes comprehensive data for technical information in football features many important resources developed by world-leading experts, and expresses FIFA’s goal of harnessing technology for the game.


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