World Cup 2022.. FIFA prohibits the wearing of One Love badges, in an official statement



The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) issued an official statement regarding the wearing of “one love” badges by the players and technical staff of the teams in the 2022 World Cup currently being held in Qatar.


FIFA’s statement came after 7 teams withdrew from wearing badges supporting gays in the World Cup, namely England, Belgium, Wales, Denmark, France and Germany.


In its statement, FIFA said, “FIFA is an inclusive organization and supports all legitimate causes, such as One Love.” The FIFA President reiterates his support for the global LGBTQ community. The quarter-final stage is planned so that all 32 national team captains will have the opportunity to wear this badge during the Qatar World Cup 2022. This is in line with Article 13.8.1 of the FIFA Regulations, which states: “For FIFA Final Competitions, the captain of each team Wearing the captain’s armband provided by FIFA.


He added, “Everyone knows the regulations for the Qatar World Cup 2022, and they have already agreed to them, to maintain the safety and security of the match stadium for all participants and they are equally applicable to all competing teams. FIFA is an inclusive organization that wants to make football for the benefit of society by supporting good causes and legitimacy.” But this must be done within the framework of competition regulations known to all.


FIFA President Gianni Infantino said of his support for the homosexual community during the Qatar World Cup 2022, “I have spoken about this issue with the top leadership of the country (Qatar), they have confirmed and I can confirm that everyone is welcome, if anyone says otherwise, This is not the opinion of the country and certainly not the opinion of FIFA.


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