FIFA Bans Saudi Clubs from the Transfer Window

According to reports, FIFA continues to ban Al-Nassr, Al-Ahli, Al Raed, Al-Tai in Saudi Arabia to register in the Summer 2021 Transfer Window.

The clubs have not closed financial cases against which binding decisions issued during the last period.

According to Arriyadiyah, FIFA banned Al-Nassr club management from registering new players. That was for not paying the last payment to the Turkish club, Fenerbahçe.

In 2018, AL-Nassr bought the International Transfer Certificate of the Brazilian player, Giuliano de Paula. The club also paid €1.6 million to the Turkish club, Galatasaray, for Maicon Pereira’s contract.

Saudi Clubs Banned from the Transfer Window

FIFA also banned Al-Ahli for not paying their dues of 1.9 million riyals. It was for the Korean club, Suwon Samsung Bluewings, for the Bosnian player, Elvis Sarić.

Furthermore, it banned Al-Raed for not paying the dues of the Egyptian defender, Mohamed Atwa, which is 230,000 riyals.

Al-Tai cannot register new players for not paying the dues of the former Serbian coach, Dejan Arsov. He led the team in 2019.

Arriyadiyah explained that the ban for these clubs is still in effect until they pay their dues and complete all the legal procedures.

According to article 24, when FIFA orders a party “a club or a player” to pay to another party “a club or a player”, dues or compensations, the consequences of the failure to pay the relevant amounts in due time shall be included in a disciplinary decision issued by the Dispute Resolution Chamber or the Players’ Status Committee.

The penalty for the club is to ban it from registering any new players, whether local or foreign until it pays the amounts due.

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