FIFA decides to reduce the time of matches to 60 minutes


Press reports published that trials should be conducted during the reduction of matches to 60 minutes, and trials that will reduce the time of football matches to 60 minutes, with the clock stopping whenever play stops.

Trials could begin next month in plans that the federations hope will reduce wastage and the Portuguese Football Federation wants to offer a trial experience in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

I am reporting that the proposals will include two 30-minute halves with the clock paused whenever there is an interruption however plans must be approved by the IFAB before it can be considered a formal trial and that has not been finalized at the moment.

Time will pause when there is a free kick, corner kick, throw-in or other break to play, after research revealed that the ball is played on average less than 60 minutes during every match across 36 different European leagues.

However, some matches have seen the ball in play for less than half of the 90 minutes allocated. Brentford’s win over West Ham in October saw the ball run for just 41 minutes and 33 seconds.

The news follows reports in Italy this week that FIFA may be looking to extend matches to 100 minutes at the upcoming World Cup in Qatar although that idea has since been rejected.

“Following the spread of some reports and rumors today, FIFA would like to make it clear that there will be no changes to the rules regarding the length of football matches for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 or any other competition,” a statement said.

The international press is currently talking about star Karim Benzema after scoring a hat-trick against Chelsea, and analysts say that he will take the Golden Ball next year and that he deserves it after the brilliance he appeared in this match.

Barcelona is scheduled to play today at nine o’clock in the European Premier League, and a strong epic awaits between Liverpool and Manchester City in the match that will decide who takes the league, and this match will be difficult and difficult for both of them.

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