FIFA Fines Al-Zamalek Regarding Ex-coach Pacheco

FIFA Fines Al-Zamalek. The Egyptian club received an official notification from the International Football Association to pay a fine of €450,000 for the former Portuguese manager, Jaime Pacheco.

Al-Zamalek reported that they received a notification from FIFA, stating that they reduced the fine from €700,000 to €450,000.

The International Dispute Resolution Committee announced that Pacheco will receive only €450,000.


FIFA Fines Al-Zamalek


According to the penalty, the fine must be paid within 45 days, after being convinced with the justifications of the Egyptian club.

The Committee added that Pacheco’s assistants will receive €80,000 instead of €320,000. The duo obtained it as a result of the first ruling nearly a month ago.

Amr Adham, a member of the committee in charge of managing Al-Zamalek, confirmed that the former manager, Pacheco, demanded FIFA for €1.7 million in the case he filed against the Egyptian club.

On the other hand, his assistants demanded €320,000. This means that the total debt on Al-Zamalek is €2 million, according to their contracts.

Adham added that they reduced the amount to €1.5 million, 75% of the debt.

He continued that the required amount now is only €450,000 for Pacheco. Including €250,000 in arrears, and €80,000 for the assistants, €40,000 each.


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