French Federation: Koeman’s injury does not cause concern


The French Football Federation confirmed that infectioin Of Kingsley Koeman with a stomach virus does not cause concern, but rather came as a precautionary measure, due to his absence from the roosters’ training today, after qualifying for the 2022 World Cup final, which is currently being held in Qatar.


Kingsley Coman, the French national team player, was exposed to a stomach virus similar to the case of his colleague Adrien Rabiot, a few days before the 2022 World Cup final match currently being held in Qatar and ending next Sunday, which witnessed the participation of 32 teams representing the six continents.


And Argentine reports, highlighted by the “tyc” channel, claimed that the French player had contracted camel flu, while the newspaper “L’Equipe” indicated that Kingsley Coman did not have lunch with his colleagues today, Thursday, and the rooster was isolated since yesterday due to the appearance of symptoms of influenza on him.


The French Federation confirmed that the player, Kingsley Coman, had no concerns about his presence with the group in the World Cup final, and that his removal from training today was a precautionary decision.


The Argentine national team will meet France in the 2022 World Cup final, which is currently being held in Qatar, and will conclude early next week after the roosters qualified at the expense of Morocco, in the match that was held between them on Wednesday evening, at the “Al-Bayt” stadium in the semi-finals of the World Cup.


And the French Federation confirmed in its report today that the duo Upamecano and Rabiot participated in group training today in the context of the race to participate in the World Cup final, after he was absent in the past days due to sore throat for the first and a cold for the second.


France started its group stage campaign by defeating Australia 4/1. It then defeated Denmark 2/1, lost 1/0 to Tunisia, and defeated Poland 3/1 in the round of 16 to advance at the top of its group with 6 points. France defeated England 2-1 in the quarterfinals, and it defeated Morocco 2-0 in the semifinals.




Argentina started its campaign in the group stage by defeating Saudi Arabia 2/1, then defeated Mexico 2/0, and defeated Poland 2/0, qualifying at the top of its group with 6 points. Argentina then defeated Australia 2/1 in the round of 16, tied the Netherlands with two goals each in the quarterfinals, and then defeated Croatia 3-0 in the semifinals after winning a penalty shootout with a score of 4/3.


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