Gareth Bale’s agent confirms his departure from Real Madrid on June 30 and reveals his future


Jonathan Barnett, Welsh agent Gareth Bale of Real Madrid, confirmed that his player will leave Real Madrid at the end of the current season, on June 30, after the expiration of his contract.

Jonathan Barnett added, in statements published by the Portuguese newspaper “Record”, that Gareth Bale has suspended the decision to retire from the stadiums until Wales’ position on the upcoming World Cup competitions is known.

Gareth Bale participated in only 7 games with Real Madrid this season and has been away for long periods from the Real Madrid ranks due to the frequent injuries he suffered.

Barnett indicated that the future of Gareth Bale has not and will not be determined during the current period, but it will ultimately depend on the future of his country from participating in the upcoming World Cup finals.

Real Madrid won the Spanish League title for the current season 2021-2022 after Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti managed to outperform all his rivals in La Liga.

Gareth Bale participated with Real Madrid in the Getafe match, which was held on April 7, in his last appearance with Real Madrid in the Spanish League.

Gareth Bale has suffered since 2018, a clear decline in his level, which prompted Real Madrid to loan him last year to Tottenham.

Gareth Bale, Real Madrid player and captain of the Wales national team, criticized the Spanish press, especially Marca, after a report in which it claimed that “Bill” absorbed Real Madrid’s money without providing anything to the royal club, describing it as a “parasite”.

In March, Gareth Bale published a statement on his account on the social networking site “Twitter”, in which he said, “The Daily Mail has shed light on the slander, contempt and speculation in the press issue issued by Marca, at a time when people are committing suicide due to the cruelty of the media. He holds these newspapers accountable and allows them to write such topics.”

In his statement, Bell added, “Fortunately I have become more solid during my time in the public spotlight, but that does not mean that similar topics do not cause harm and grief on a personal and professional level when these malicious stories arrive.”

Gareth Bale continued, “I have witnessed the damage that the media can do to people’s mental and physical health. ‘They are being cut to pieces, releasing anger and frustration to their fans.'”

Bell emphasized, “This daily pressure on athletes is enormous, and it’s clear as day, how negative media attention can make an already stressed athlete or anyone in public work exceed what they can handle. They can’t understand the news.”

And he concluded, his statement, “I want to use my platform to encourage a change in the way we talk publicly about people and criticize them, especially when we talk about not fulfilling the unrealistic expectations that are placed on them. We all know who the real parasite is.”

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