Steven Gerrard will decide the league for Liverpool

Reports: Steven Gerrard will decide the league for Liverpool

Steven Gerrard can resolve the issue of the Premier League with Liverpool within 40 days and also solve the problem of Mohamed Salah’s contract because he is still at stake

Everyone knows about the end of the fairy tale that may see Steven Gerrard win the Liverpool title but he may play a part in the saga of Mohamed Salah’s contract as well.

While Jurgen Klopp preaches one game at a time, Liverpool fans inevitably look forward to this season’s final match as Manchester City host Aston Villa and the title is likely on the line and could give Steven Gerrard a chance to send the Premier League trophy to Anfield.

It’s an irresistible story, baffling prospects and never quite beyond the realms of possibility but Aston Villa have suffered a major dip in form recently but they have made life difficult for Manchester City in the reverse game.

Shortly afterwards, Gerrard confined Liverpool to just one goal in an embarrassing encounter at Anfield. It’s a team with a fair amount of individual quality and when teamwork clicks it can be impressive.

But whether Gerrard’s ultimate catharsis is in the realm of fantasy or not, the former Liverpool captain can still make a massive impact on his old club just 40 days later.

No, it’s unlikely that Aston Villa will make an offer. Gerrard’s recruitment strategy has always been inspired by Liverpool’s style throughout his managerial career, but Salah would be a coup too far even for the cash-rich Midlands side. However, the future of Philippe Coutinho may prove to be important

Currently on loan at Aston Villa, Coutinho still earns a mouth-watering salary of around £480,000 a week. Of that amount, Barcelona still pays somewhere in the region £355,000 for his contract. The Brazilian will have to take a significant wage cut to make the move to Villa Park permanent, but there have been suggestions that Gerrard may be able to persuade his former teammate to do so.

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