Gerrard talks about the advantages of the Aston Villa camp


English coach Steven Gerrard talked about his team’s latest preparations for the new season, before the start of the preparatory matches for the 2023 season in Australia.


The coach revealed, in exclusive statements to Villa, about the importance of the current period, contracting with Ludwig Augustinson, and much more, as the Aston Villa team meets again in Australia for pre-season training.


Reacting to his early days in Australia, Gerrard said: “Really good, things are positive, I loved and enjoyed what I saw on the training ground, which is the most important thing. To be here and ready.”


The Aston Villa boss added: “When you take on the job in the middle of the season, it’s always difficult to spread your philosophy as fast as you can, having the opportunity to work and live with the players for two weeks, it gives you not only the technical preparation, but also gives you the opportunity to bond as a group as a crew. And players, and that’s what we’re looking for in the next two weeks.”


Steven Gerrard continued: “Very satisfied with the preparations of the team, when you are a technical director, you want time to give presentations, you have four or five games in the preparatory period to try different things and modify certain things, you have a period of time to put your philosophy and your style, and then it is up to the players to adapt. “.


On Abubakar Kamara, the Villains coach said: “He showed his quality, we only had two or three sessions, but immediately you can see that he has a really impressive intelligence, he has a great understanding of the game, technically, he is a great passer of the ball, he is now getting used to his teammates in The team and us as a staff, I am very confident that he will settle down well and be a good player for Aston Villa.”


“Experience, I have said on many occasions that I need experienced players in order to reach the goals we want to achieve, not only local experience but also at the international and European level, we brought in a great professional player with a good character, I’m looking forward to him joining here, making him stable, and I’m sure he will help us over the course of the season.”


Gerrard continued, “Courtney House had a little surgery in the knee area and he can’t do much on the field, so our decision is to leave him at Bodemore Heath, we have great medical facilities there. We wish him a speedy recovery, Anwar El Ghazi’s partner is about to give birth any moment, they will have their first child, so it didn’t make sense for him to be away from his family We did the sensible thing for him. His training program is in Boddemore Heath.


Steven Gerrard added about the team’s start in the Queensland Champions Cup against Leeds United, saying, “I would like the team to show all the work we have done so far in the preparatory period, there is more to come before the end of the week, our match against Leeds will be really exciting, one of the teams in the league. The Premier League, it will be a good challenge for us and most players will play 45 minutes at this point they can play for 45 minutes we want to reflect what we do in training in the match that’s what you want to see as a manager.”


On his previous statements that you want players who are obsessed with winning, he said: “It is not important at the moment, but the player must have the winning genes. Whether you play in a training match, a friendly match or a very important match, you must have these genes but it is important to We’re seeing the things we’ve been working on, it’s important that the players seize the opportunity as we are a few weeks away from playing our first league game against Bournemouth, so we will give everyone a chance to shine and show that they deserve to start as soon as the season begins.”

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