GPS Monitoring of Athletes and Media at the Tokyo Olympics

Toshiro Muto, President of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee, revealed that Olympic athletes will be subject to a GPS monitoring system.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 organizers are trying to reassure the skeptical public that the event can be held safely under strict rules against the coronavirus.

Muto said that this system will not track all the movements of participants in the Olympic Games.

He added, “The GPS monitoring system will monitor the movements of athletes and media professionals as well, in retrospect, if a problem arises.”

According to the Daily Mail, the reporters provided a detailed list of areas they would visit during the first two weeks in Japan, such as sports stadiums and hotels.


The Japanese capital will host the Tokyo Olympics. They postponed it from last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The games begin on July 23. Amid fears that the event will overburden Japan’s already exhausted medical system due to the pandemic.

The Olympic Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee have repeatedly pledged to hold safe Olympic Games. For all participants and for the citizens of Japan, through strict preventive measures.

Concerns remain. This is also despite the fact that the Japanese government is currently accelerating the pace of vaccination.

At the moment, there are no clear indications that the Olympics could be canceled. But, opinion polls have shown that many Japanese want a delay.


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