El Mundo: Griezmann lost a lot of money by leaving Atletico Madrid to Barcelona


Spanish press reports revealed today, Saturday, new details in the contract that allowed Frenchman Antoine Griezmann to leave Atletico Madrid to Barcelona.

And the Spanish newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, published new leaks of the contract that allowed Griezmann to leave Atletico Madrid to Barcelona, ​​and “El Mundo” said that the contracts that Griezmann signed with Atletico Madrid, specifically his contract in June 2018, and his contract with Barcelona in July 2019.

And the Spanish newspaper confirmed that Griezmann’s departure from Atletico Madrid was a material loss, as he lost 100 million euros, which was guaranteed to him as a salary in 5 years, replacing it with a lower offer by Barcelona, ​​and with variables that he will not receive for the most part, with a value of 74 million euros.

And El Mundo added, in Atletico Madrid, Griezmann received 17 million euros net of taxes in the 2018-2019 season, and a bonus of 3 million euros for salary reduction negotiations, in addition to the 20 million euros he would have received each season within 4 seasons, which means collecting 80 million euros. In 4 seasons.

And the newspaper continued, “The contract he concluded with Barcelona was much less. He signed for 98 million euros, but it is not net of taxes, but rather governed by variables that bring it to a maximum of 74 million euros after tax.”

She explained that what happened is that Griezmann did not perform in Barcelona what guarantees him obtaining incentives, and the result is that he obtained the limits of only 46.5 million euros in two seasons with Barcelona.

As for Atlético, he would have received 40 million in these two seasons, in addition to not completing the terms of the contract and the variables, and his departure again to Atletico Madrid on loan for two seasons.

The newspaper also revealed that the penalty clause for departure in Griezmann’s contract with Atletico Madrid was significantly reduced, as it reached the limits of 200 million euros in 2019, while in the first year with Barcelona it was 800 million euros, and starting from July 1, 2022 it fell to 700 million euros.

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