Guardiola: The competition will be fierce with Liverpool

Guardiola: The competition will be fierce with Liverpool .. and we will beat Watford

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola commented on the competition between him and Liverpool in the English Premier League, noting that the rest of the final matches are decisive matches and his team cannot waste points and Liverpool also.

Guardiola spoke in the press conference before the Watford match and said: “Manchester City cannot waste points at the moment, and Liverpool will not fight to count the loss in any match, and the players know that we were in this position before and played a final against Watford and if we win In this match we will have a chance to play excellent again.”

Pep Guardiola spoke about Dutch coach Eric Ten Hag, the new Manchester United coach, and praised him, saying: “You have to look at the Ajax team that trained him and you will see his efficiency. Finally, congratulations to Eric and I wish him all the best in Manchester United as a world-class coach.”

He continued: “After the end of each match, I speak with the coaches. I invite them with pleasure and love to have a glass of wine with me. If they beat me, we celebrate why not be friends. You are happiest when you win and sad when you lose. It’s inevitable but winning is the most important thing right now for us.”

He concluded by talking about the impact of the Champions League on the title race with Liverpool: “I am not thinking about these things at the moment, but I am thinking about how to win the next matches, and at the moment my focus is now on winning the Watford team.”

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