Guardiola: RB Leipzig is a fierce opponent and De Bruyne is essential for the absence of Jesus

Guardiola: RB Leipzig is a fierce opponent and De Bruyne is essential for the absence of Jesus

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola confirmed that Kevin De Bruyne will start in the starting lineup tomorrow against Leipzig in the Champions League.

Guardiola added in statements to the press conference presented for tomorrow’s match, saying: After De Bruyne was infected with the virus, we are walking with him step by step, tomorrow he will start basic, and we will see how many minutes he can play.

Guardiola also stressed the absence of the team’s striker, Gabriel Jesus, from the Leipzig meeting tomorrow, due to the lack of readiness, adding: All the players who will play tomorrow want to win, every match is an opportunity to improve, there are many things we can improve from.

Guardiola continued, “I have a lot of respect for the Leipzig team, I expect a fierce opponent, we will be pressured, they will make quick transformations, we must be able to play our style with a lot of touches, we cannot compete with the rhythm that they like to play.”

Guardiola added, “Spain dominated the Champions League for a decade. We have to wait and see if England clubs can match what Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico and Valencia have done. All four English teams qualified and this is a huge success for the Premier League.”

“Kevin De Bruyne doesn’t have to show me anything, he has to show himself, Bernardo knows that, Gondo knows that, the wingers know that, they have to play well, I know them all. They don’t have to show me who they are. They just have to show themselves.”

Guardiola added that 4 or 5 young players will travel with us to Germany, and then tomorrow we will decide who will play (George, CJ, Lafia, Cole Palmer, and Makati).

They will travel with us to Germany, the first team is the most important thing. It’s good for the guys to see how you behave. I hope some of them can play tomorrow. We have five substitutions, not three like here in England, so maybe we can use them all.

“Of course all the players who play tomorrow want to win, out of respect for RB Leipzig, Brugge and PSG we want to improve we can do things better – we know exactly what we have to do in a number of things tomorrow we can do that it’s a great opportunity,” Guardiola added.

And Pep finished, everyone is ready Kevin was infected with the Corona virus and now he is recovering physically. We will see how many minutes he can play against Leipzig.

Guardiola concluded, playing in Germany behind closed doors because of concern that the situation is not good.

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