Guardiola’s comments after Ronaldo joined Manchester United

Guardiola’s comments after Ronaldo joined Manchester United

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has denied the possibility of contracting Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo if his neighbor United did not enter into the deal, stressing that he did not believe that his club’s management would have done so.

And Manchester United officially announced the return of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo to “Old Trafford” with a two-year contract until June 2023.

Pep Guardiola said:

“John Stones arrived here late, and after we came back for the second game in the Premier League he had a leg problem and was injured and this week was the first time he started training Robin Diaz and Laporte have played well so far.”

Guardiola added:

“This is good for the national team. I hope they can take care of him as well as he can take care of himself and it will be important to maintain the training doses, he needs that, and the rhythm of playing with the national team will be good for us.”

On reaching the sixth point and advancing in the English Premier League standings, Pep Guardiola said:

“We would have preferred to get nine points but the important thing is not what we did, we have six points now from only three games but we feel that the last two weeks have helped us a lot to work again with our fundamentals and principles.”

Guardiola added:

“I told the players, keep going like these guys, I’m not happy with the result. It’s the way they are doing every day now. They are not going to stop. They will leave with their international teams and hopefully they will come back healthy and without injuries.”

He continued:

“I think you see the schedule for the month of September, we have to be ready because what is coming is a difficult period for us.”

In a related context, Pep Guardiola, coach of Manchester City, confirmed:

His team’s players could have scored more goals against Arsenal, the professional player in the Egyptian international ranks, Mohamed Elneny.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Gunners lost 5-0 at the top of the third round of the English Premier League at the Etihad Stadium.

Guardiola said after the match:

“The opponent must be respected. I ask the players to respect the opponent. Do whatever you want on the field, but the opponent must be respected. We could have scored more goals.”

Guardiola added:

“Some of the goals we didn’t deserve to score, after 2-0 and the sending off, the match was different, a beautiful day and an amazing atmosphere, easier for us and more difficult for the opponent.”

He continued:

“The team that played today is the same as in previous seasons, we just replaced Grealish with Aguero and the rest are the same, the team is great, in training I feel proud because they still want to compete.”

Guardiola spoke of Mikel Arteta, Arsenal coach, saying:

“People want results right away. All I can say is that we worked together for 3 seasons and I learned a lot from him during that time. He beats me in many things. Mikel is very likable here, we were sad when he left.”

Guardiola added:

“Bernardo Silva is happy with us, happy in his life and what a player he is. In the year we won the Premier League he was the best player. All I want is his happiness. He can play in a number of positions and he played exceptionally today.”

He continued:

“Last season Ferran Torres played very well, in this position he makes moves like the best strikers in the world, he moves very well.”

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