A great historical achievement for Haaland

Aguero equivalent .. 5 numbers after Haaland’s first “hat-trick” in the “Premier League”


Norwegian striker Erling Haaland, Manchester City striker, scored several goals after scoring 3 “hat-trick” goals against Crystal Palace in the English Premier League “Premier League”.


Halland scored the player’s first “hat-trick” in the current season of the English Premier League, to lead Manchester City to beat Crystal Palace 4-2 on Saturday evening in the fourth round of the competition.


Haaland equaled the Argentine Sergio Aguero’s number, and added the Premier League to the list of tournaments in which he scored a “hat-trick” in his career.


The following are the most prominent 5 numbers after Haaland’s first “hat-trick” in the Premier League: –


Haaland scored 6 goals in his first 4 matches with Manchester City in the Premier League, equaling Sergio Aguero’s number.- At the age of 22, Haaland scored a “hat-trick” in 7 different competitions, most notably the English Premier League and the Champions League.


– Haaland needed 4 matches to score a “hat-trick” in the English Premier League, while he needed one match to score his first hat-trick in both the German League and the Champions League.


Haaland is the player with the most goals scored in the five major leagues so far, with 6 goals and one assist in only 4 matches.


– Haaland scored the 13th hat-trick in his career. Born.. once Salzburg.. 5 times. Borussia Dortmund.. 4 times. Manchester City.. once. Norway national team.. twice

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