Harvey Elliott gives his shirt and shoes to a hospitalized baby

Harvey Elliott gives his shirt and shoes to a hospitalized baby

Harvey Elliott, a young Liverpool player, gave his shirt and shoes to a child in the hospital.

And this is after the player arrived, after suffering a severe leg injury, during the Reds match against Leeds United.

Which was held at the “Island Road” stadium, and ended with the Reds winning by three goals to zero, in the fourth round of the English Premier League.

Harvey Elliott, Liverpool player, suffered a terrible leg injury in the 60th minute, and was carried out on a stretcher.

As a result of the intervention of Leeds United player Pascal Strick in the 60th minute, who received a red card as a result of his rough intervention.

Today, the child had a broken arm, and after that, he was surprised that Harvey Elliott, the Liverpool player, who was injured in the match, is with him in the same hospital, to give Harvey the child his shirt and shoes with which he played in today’s match.

The child’s mother wrote on her Facebook account:

“My son broke his hand during a match with his friends, Harvey Elliott is next to him on another bed in the hospital, he gave him his shoes and his personal shirt from the match, my son is very happy now.”

Elliott had published a picture of him from inside the ambulance, through his personal account on the “Instagram” website, and wrote:

“Thank you for your messages, guys! The beginning of the road to recovery.” The official Reds page published the player’s photo and commented: “We are with you, Harvey, we wish you a speedy return, you will never walk alone.”

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