Hazard: If Real Madrid asks me to leave in the summer, I will leave

Hazard: If Real Madrid asks me to leave in the summer, I will leave


Belgian striker Eden Hazard, Real Madrid striker, confirmed that he is ready to leave the royal ranks during the coming period, in the event that the club management asks him to do so, and he will not object or raise any problem.


Hazard said during his interview with the newspaper “Marca”: “If Real Madrid tells me that I need to leave in the summer, I will accept that and I will leave, when I do not play it is difficult, but if I play of course I will give my best. Football is my life and I just want To play and to be given a full opportunity, not a partial one.”


He added: “There are many good players and good people here. It’s difficult because I don’t play much, but there are good people and that’s what I want, I train and play with them and I’m happy with that. If I can help, even better, but at the moment I can’t.” Because I don’t play.”


He continued, “I understand the reasons why people criticize me because of the drop in level, and the World Cup will be my last train to prove it to them. I do not play, but being a Real Madrid player has been my dream since I was a child, and after this year I have another season on my contract and I want to prove that I deserve a pregnancy.” This shirt. I want to play here.”


And he continued: “If the club says to me (Eden, thanks for the four years you spent with us, but you have to go), I have to accept that because it is normal and I will understand that. But I would like to play more and show that I can play, that I am a good player and I deserve to continue at Real. Madrid”.


And he concluded: “The fifteenth or achieving the World Cup? Fifteenth, but if I get the chance to play. If I say the World Cup, people in Madrid will say (what does this man say); and if I say fifteen, people in Belgium will say that I am crazy or what is he laughing about, So I’m going to be a joker and I’m going to say both of you.”

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