Ibrahimovic: Mbappe needs a more organized club like Real Madrid

Ibrahimovic: Mbappe needs a more organized club like Real Madrid

Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the current AC Milan and former Paris Saint-Germain player, confirmed today, Wednesday, that French PSG star Kylian Mbappe needs a more organized club like Real Madrid.

He told the newspaper (Corriere della Sera): “Mbappe needs a more organized club, like Real Madrid. But then I told the president of PSG not to sell it.”

Ibrahimovic referred to the situation of Mbappe, whose contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires next June, and who previously asked his club to allow his transfer to Real Madrid, but no agreement was reached between the two clubs.

The Swedish striker also talked about his controversial relationship with Spanish coach Pep Guardiola, and said that he is a man who does not like “personal players”.

“Guardiola never understood me. He wanted to program me to do what he wanted.”

He continued, “Guardiola does not like players with personality. It turned into a problem, and when he could not solve it, I solved it and left.”

Ibrahimovic played with Guardiola in Barcelona in the 2009-2010 season and moved the following year to Milan after scoring 16 goals in La Liga.

He also talked about the Argentine Lionel Messi, who, in his opinion, “lives in football” and had a “professional relationship” with him.

And he added, “But this year’s Ballon d’Or was deserved by (Polish) Robert Lewandowski.”

He said that he preferred Messi over Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo because he was a colleague of the Argentine in Barcelona, ​​but he stressed that the greatest is always the Brazilian Ronaldo Nazario.

He also expressed his full respect for the “legend” Diego Maradona and admitted that he was close to contracting with Napoli after leaving LA Galaxy.

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