World Cup 2022.. Infantino: Referees are the most important “team” in the World Cup


Gianni Infantino, President of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), affirmed his full support for the referees participating in the finals of the next edition of the World Cup, which will be hosted by Qatar, starting from November 20 and continuing until December 18.

Infantino said in his statements, which were published by FIFA’s official website: “The 129 match referees undertake the most difficult task among us, whether here in Qatar or in their countries. They are professionals at the highest level and are incredibly enthusiastic.”

“The referees for us are not just one team, they are the ‘first team’, they are the most important team in the World Cup because without them there is no World Cup,” the FIFA president added.

Infantino continued his remarks, saying, “I am a fan like other fans of the game, and I feel resentful just like you every time a mistake occurs or I do not agree with the referee’s decisions because I support a specific team. I ask everyone to put themselves in the place of the referees, even for one moment .. (imagine) The pitch and surrounded by 80,000 people on the pitch, several million on television, and you have to make immediate decisions that could affect entire countries.”

And Infantino indicated that the pressure on the referees should not be underestimated, saying, “There will be (total) 3 million people in the stands, 5 billion people watching the tournament on television, and they will scrutinize and scrutinize – rightly so – every decision that the referee makes or does not take. “.

Italian referee Daniele Orsato is scheduled to lead the opening match of the 2022 World Cup, which brings together the teams of Qatar, the host of the tournament, with his counterpart, Ecuador, at 6:00 pm next Sunday, at Al-Bayt Stadium.

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