Inter Milan offers 45 million pounds for Bernardo Silva

Inter Milan offers 45 million pounds for Bernardo Silva

AC Milan is in negotiations to sign Portuguese international Bernardo Silva, Manchester City star.

This is during the current summer transfers, to become one of the strong candidates to settle the midfielder’s deal before the registration window closes at the end of this month. .

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Star”:

Milan are looking to settle Bernardo Silva’s £45m deal.

Press reports confirmed:

The negotiations that were taking place with Atletico Madrid collapsed during the past hours, and that the player’s departure to the Italian League is very close.

The reports indicated:

Silva refused to enter into a mutual deal with Tottenham in order to resolve the transfer of Harry Kane to the English Premier League champion during the current Mercato.

Press reports confirmed:

Milan is seeking to sign Bernardo Silva on loan for two seasons for 15 million pounds, before paying another 30 million to complete the deal permanently.

Press reports added:

If the deal is completed, the French club Monaco will receive two million euros, which is a percentage of the return on the sale of the player, as he is a former star in the team.

The Daily Star reported:

The signing of Englishman Jack Grealish from Aston Villa for 100 million pounds paid the Premier League champions.

This is to get rid of some of their players, especially as Silva is currently struggling to find a place in the Premier League.

The starting lineup thanks to Phil Foden and Kevin De Bruyne in the middle of the field.

In a related context:

Barcelona has entered into a move towards the inclusion of Portuguese star Bernardo Silva, the Manchester City midfielder, during the current summer transfer period.

The Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported:

The Barcelona administration began seeking to include Bernardo Silva, taking advantage of his internal desire to leave Manchester City.

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