Jose Mourinho’s statements about Roma’s performance against Salernitana.

Jose Mourinho’s statements about Roma’s performance against Salernitana.

Jose Mourinho, coach of the Italian club Roma, confirmed:

It was impossible not to achieve the Giallorossi’s victory over its host, Salernitana, in the match, which he settled in his favour, 4-0.

This is on Sunday evening at the Arechi Stadium in the second round of the Italian Serie A competition for the current season 2021-2022.

Mourinho said after the match:

“It was impossible not to win I was calm from the first minute because the team did really well and I’m happy for Pellegrini I sent a message to the team.”

Mourinho added:

“I arrived happy at Roma and I was happy to be back in Italy and in a team with real fans and passionate people and the people in Italy are special with their clubs and I was always happy to be back I needed to feel that kind of feeling again.”

He continued:

“Players are more important than coaches. Without players, it is difficult. I am very happy to come back and find a new generation of coaches. There are many from my generation. Allegri is back, Sarri is back, which is good for us, even for the new generation that has positive ideas.”

Roma raised its score to 6 points, taking it to second place in the Italian league standings, with a goal difference only from Lazio, the leader.

This is with the same balance of points, while the “wolves” outperform only Inter, Milan and Napoli, with each of them having 6 points as well.

Roma had won at the start of its new season of the Italian league competition, its guest Fiorentina, by three goals against a goal, in the match that brought the two teams together, at the “Olympico” stadium.

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