Jurgen Klopp: I will not leave Liverpool.. and we will overcome the crisis together


The German Jurgen Klopp, coach of the Liverpool team, revealed his fate within the Reds, especially since there are hesitant news indicating his departure, before his team’s match against Everton, which will take place at exactly ten o’clock in the evening today, Monday, at Anfield, the Reds’ stronghold, in the round. The 23rd of the English Premier League competition.


Jurgen assures the English newspapers that he will not leave


“I went through many difficult moments during my football career, and this was what happened at the end of my periods with the clubs that I trained before the Reds,” said Jurgen Klopp, in statements reported by the “Liverpool Echo” newspaper.


And the Liverpool coach added: “In Mainz and Borussia Dortmund, I went through difficult and complicated moments. I understand that the fans here will think that way and that I have to leave, but I will not leave .. I cannot do that.”


Klopp: Liverpool is my home.. and we have to get through it together

Jurgen Klopp explained, “There is a great responsibility on my shoulders, which I will never abandon, and I know that we are going through a difficult period, but we must fight, and do our best to get back.”


The Liverpool coach concluded his remarks, saying: “I know the great status of Liverpool, so as we went through that together, we have to go through it together, in order to achieve success again in the future, and that will only happen by arranging the house again.”


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