Jurgen Klopp’s statements about Mohamed Salah and the victory over Leeds United

Jurgen Klopp’s statements about Mohamed Salah and the victory over Leeds United

German coach Jurgen Klopp, coach of the Liverpool team, expressed his great happiness with the arrival of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah to the 100 Club.

And this is after he scored the first goal of the Reds in the match against Leeds United on Sunday evening, which ended with a clean three in the fourth round of the English Premier League “Premier League”.

Jürgen Klopp told Sky Sports:

“Mohamed Salah? What a player! He’s always thirsty for numbers and excellence, since he joined us, what a player, he’s still hungry, Mo Salah was not happy with some of his attempts, he’s a world class player.”

He added:

“I’m not greedy and I’m not saying we had to win six goals, the performance today was very good and we scored three goals, but it was overshadowed by Elliott’s injury.”

Jurgen Klopp also commented on the injury of his player, Herve Elliott, saying:

Elliott had a bad ankle injury, he dislocated his ankle and recovered it, now he is in the hospital.

He added:

“I do not wish any boy or person to experience such an injury in his career, yes we will play without Elliot, but we will wait for him because he is a great player.”

On the match, the Liverpool coach confirmed:

“Yes we can improve but the football we played today was special, we killed the atmosphere of the Leeds stadium until we were able to hear our fans in the stadium.”

Mohamed Salah

And according to the Opta global network, Mohamed Salah was in the list of the 5 fastest players to enter the Hundred Club in the English Premier League in his 162th match.

Whether with Liverpool or Chelsea, who played for him before.

Alan Shearer topped the list in his 124th match.

Followed by Harry Kane, who managed to reach after 141 meetings.

Sergio Aguero came third in his 147th match.

And fourth place was Thierry Henry in his 160th match.

Mohamed Salah scored the goal in the 20th minute of the match, after receiving Trent Alexander-Arnold’s cross to put it directly in the goal.

And Mohamed Salah raised his score to one hundred goals in the English Premier League.

He scored 98 goals for Liverpool in the Premier League, in addition to two goals with his former team Chelsea in the competition during the 2013-2014 season.

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