Karim Benzema: Messi is an extraordinary player

Karim Benzema: Messi is an extraordinary player, and facing Paris Saint-Germain is special for the European champions

French international Karim Benzema, the Real Madrid striker, spoke about the upcoming confrontation against Paris Saint-Germain, scheduled to be held at ten in the evening, tomorrow, Tuesday, in the round of sixteen of the Champions League for the current season 2021-2022.

Karim Benzema said during the match press conference: “I have been working for many hours, I feel much better, now we have a training session to see how I feel. Obviously I feel good but I should have more sensations on the field.”

Benzema added: “Being at 100% is important in my mind. I have recovered a lot these days and after training we will decide.”

Benzema stressed: “It’s difficult because when you’re off the pitch you have a hard time. I’ve been working in the morning, afternoon and night and as I said in my head I’m ready. It’s a great match and if I have to play tomorrow, I’ll do it to give everything.”

Benzema confirmed: “It’s a very big match. Playing against Kylian is special because we are together in the national team and as everyone knows one day he can reach Madrid. The most important thing is to play to win and then we will be friends.”

Benzema explained: “It is a special match because it is a Champions League match, but it is not special because it is in France. When I am with the national team, I am fine, but now I am with my team.”

Benzema said: “I don’t consider all this a dependency because the team was able to win without me. The most important thing is that I did everything and I will wait for training to find out, what is clear is that you do not have to take risks because the season is long.”

Benzema stressed, “I will not talk about football because Messi is an extraordinary player. It is clear that people expect a lot from him, but he is a boy who knows a lot about football. I played a lot against him, but tomorrow he is someone else.”

Benzema said: “Neymar is a great player. I don’t know if he is 100%. It is better for them to play, but the game does not depend on one player. Neymar is like Messi, very important.”

The Real Madrid striker emphasized: “I think there are no favourites. In football today there are no favourites, tomorrow is a 90-minute match and whoever deserves it can win. If we look at it one player separately, they are all the same.”

Benzema talked about the match, saying: “We are here to play a great match. Winning is another thing because you have to be 100% on the field.”

And Benzema added: “I will always work for my team because if not today I will stay in Madrid, but this does not force me to have more injuries because I also have to think about my team.”

Karim Benzema confirmed: “The only thing I can wish for Mbappe is that he is playing a good game and that he plays as he knows how.”

Karim Benzema explained: “The fact that there is no double value for away goals doesn’t change anything. The most important thing is to play well tomorrow and try to score as many goals as possible.”

Benzema pointed out: “All PSG players are good. I don’t have a special player in my head, but they are all very good, as I said.”

Karim Benzema concluded: “It is difficult to have a good level in the French league because they play against close teams and sometimes football does not look beautiful. But for me it is still a great team.”

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