Channels carrying the King of Spain Cup 2023 without encryption


The channels carrying the King’s Cup 2023 is one of the topics that have received great searches in the past few hours to find out what are the channels carrying the Copa del Rey, which will open its match today, Tuesday, the third of January of the new year 2023.


King’s Cup of Spain 2023


Today, the opening of the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey is played with the establishment of many strong and fiery confrontations, but limited to the strength of the confrontations in the Real Madrid match against Cacerinho at ten pm Cairo time at Prince Philip Stadium.


While Barcelona faces in this role as well Inter City team tomorrow, Wednesday, January 4, at the Camp Nou Stadium at ten pm Cairo time as well.


Each team seeks in this round to win, win and seize qualification to the next round in order to seek the title, especially Real Madrid, which has not won it since 2014.


Channels carrying the King’s Cup 2023


The channels carrying the King’s Cup are limited to the SSC1 HD channel, which has obtained the rights to transmit all the matches of the Copa del Rey in the Middle East and the Arab world for the third time in a row after it obtained it in the past two seasons, and European football fans want to know also the open channels as well and you can receive them as follows:


Arena Sport 6 HD ( Eutelsat 16 )

‏LEquipe ( Astra 19 )

Match SD ( Express 14 ) ( Free )

‏Match HD ( Express 80 )

‏Sport 2 HD ( Astra 23 )

La 1 HD ( Hispasat ) ( Free )


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