Klopp: I do not believe in the idea of ​​revenge against Madrid


Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp revealed Thiago Alcantara’s position on participating with the Reds in the Champions League final next Saturday, at the “France” stadium.

“I met Thiago a while ago, he has a good chance to play in the final, it’s a very good surprise, the good news is that his injury was not bad or strong,” the Liverpool coach said in a press conference.

“We expect Thiago to return to training tomorrow, and we will see after that,” the Reds coach added.

And about losing the English Premier League title last Sunday to Man City, Klopp commented, “What happened on Sunday was difficult, but because of what happened during the matches, if City had advanced early, it would have been a natural thing for us, but to come back from a 2-0 delay was a very dramatic thing and we were suffering.” Also to score the second goal, and Wolverhampton made things difficult for us, but we are in a good mood now.”

The German coach sent a strong message, saying, “We have overcome the pain of last Sunday, and we are looking forward to what is coming now.”

He continued, “There are still levels that we have to reach. It cannot be ignored that this is our third final in four years. It is a distinguished group despite the ups and downs of our history in the competition.”

On facing Real Madrid in the Champions League final, Klopp replied, “You never know when you will reach the final again, so it is a very special thing. We will face a team that has won this title at least 4 times in the last 10 years.”

Klopp attacked a journalist in response to his question about the delay against Real Madrid, saying, “You do not choose something negative for my son, on which my vision and plans, but I generally do not care if that happens. If you follow the negative method in your personal life, this is your business, but do not raise it in a press conference.”

He added, “Every game we played is a final and we had to change, so sometimes we were late with the result and others.”

In response to receiving 5 goals first from the last 5 matches, the Liverpool coach said, “In each of these matches we would have scored first, but despite the delay we remained ready, of course if you think that you will go to the final and everything will go your way, you will be naive.”

And about revenge against Real Madrid after losing the 2018 final, Klopp said, “No. I do not believe in revenge, I understand maybe that, but it is not the right thing to do.”

The Liverpool coach stressed during his statements, saying, “In Germany there is a saying that says you will always meet the person or thing twice, everything is fine between me and Madrid, it is a match of the highest level.”

Regarding Salah’s statements about revenge against Madrid, Klopp replied, “I understand what Salah said, he wants to correct things and I want to correct them as well.”

And Klopp spoke about Ancelotti, saying, “My language is not good enough to express my appreciation for him, for me he is one of the most successful coaches in the world and an example in dealing with his successes, he has won everything everywhere and he is a very friendly and wonderful person.”

He continued, “My relationship is good with Ancelotti, but it stopped when he was with Everton. Ancelotti will not stop winning and I respect him a lot, but that does not mean anything for Saturday’s final.”

Regarding Ancelotti’s approach to achieving a record, by obtaining the Champions League title as the second coach in the history of the English Premier League, Klopp commented, “I am not interested in that, I forget about these things completely, but in the end it is up to my players if we win the final.”

In response to the impact of the Champions League final result on the future of some players, the German coach said, “No, it is not true.”

And Klopp concluded his statements, saying, “If you look at the last 10 minutes of each match for Madrid in the Champions League, you will think that they have no chance, but the matches were longer and they came back with results. They are a very experienced team that knows exactly how to deal with finals and we realized that in 2018”.

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