Ajax against Liverpool .. Klopp admits: Our level is not clear and unstable and we suffer from injuries


German coach Jurgen Klopp confirmed that Thiago Alcantara is not ready for the Ajax Amsterdam match, which will be held at nine in the evening, tomorrow, Wednesday, at the “Johan Cruyff Arena” in the fifth round of the first group of the Champions League for the current season 2022-2023.


Jurgen Klopp said in the match press conference: “Yes, Thiago is still injured and is not with us, Matip is still injured and there are no new updates.”


Jurgen Klopp added: “The suffering outside Anfield? In the Champions League we did not suffer outside our land, we won one and lost another, but I prepared my team to be ready for tomorrow’s match and I am not interested in these numbers.”


Jurgen Klopp continued: “Konate is available and ready, but only play for a few minutes.”


Ajax vs Liverpool


Jurgen Klopp stressed: “My job is difficult and full of pressure. Even if I win all the matches, there is pressure, but it is a beautiful thing. The more you win, the better. Unfortunately, our level was choppy.”


Jurgen Klopp continued: “Our level is not clear, not consistent or consistent, but injuries explain that a little. We were in good moments last week before we lost to Nottingham Forest.”


Jurgen Klopp said: “Do I expect us to play better, consistently and harmoniously? Yes, and of course I expect to make good steps.”


The Liverpool coach confirmed: “Ajax’s weaknesses? They are a very good team but they are going through a phase of change and this stage is not short, I like several players in their team and we played well at Anfield and it was a good example of our season where we played well and then we conceded a goal from the first opportunity, Ajax is a team It’s dangerous and that’s what we’re trying to prepare for.”


“Qualifying? It would be great, but we have to do the work,” Klopp said. “After our first round of the group stage, some people thought that our qualification would not be possible, but now it may happen and we qualify and we have to close the file on this matter.”


“We have enough players to play tomorrow night and that’s what I want,” Jurgen Klopp added.


Ajax vs Liverpool


Jurgen Klopp confirmed: “Our squad is not small, but the problem is injuries, but we have enough number to play tomorrow, and this is a wonderful thing.”


Jurgen Klopp stressed: “Darwin is ready and trained yesterday, today and until this moment he is ready, yes.”


Jurgen Klopp continued: “In order to shine as a team, we have to achieve continuity, but the problem is the injuries. Then some players had to participate more and some of the injured had to return to play early, and this is all difficult. Our situation cannot be resolved overnight.”


Ajax vs Liverpool


Jurgen Klopp said: “Someone asked me about Konate, who trained today, but he trained yesterday for the first time since the injury, and the same applies to Keita, who needs more training, and the same thing with Chamberlain. fit to play.”


Klopp stressed: “Our situation before the Forest game was strange, Curtis, who had not played for a long time, had to play in a different position and yet he did well.”


Klopp continued: “Thiago was not close [to play tomorrow] but I hope his participation [against Leeds] is not in doubt but no one knows.”


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