Klopp defends Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup and confirms: They did not have a magic lamp



Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp rejected criticism of Qatar after hosting the 2022 World Cup, which is scheduled to start on November 20. “Everyone knows what happened and how it happened, based on so many stadiums in the summer in temperatures up to 50 degrees, it is impossible for humans to accept,” the Liverpool coach said in a press conference ahead of the Tottenham summit on Sunday.


The Liverpool coach added, “There were no stadiums at the moment Qatar was announced as hosting the tournament, and there is no Aladdin and his magic lamp to build all these stadiums, there are those who have to build them.”


And the German coach continued, “I see the issue from the angle of football only, and I do not like the players being asked to send a letter of objection to the matter, what is happening now is not a problem, the problem was when all this began, you and I allowed this thing to happen 12 years ago, Now we have to live with it.”


Klopp attacked the media during the press conference by repeating questions about Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup, saying, “If you want to send a message, do it yourself.”


And Jurgen Klopp continued, “It does not make sense to remain silent all these years and demand the players in the media to take positions and announce them and put them under this amount of pressure, this is not true, if you are the media concerned with human rights and object to what happened in Qatar, you had all these Years to write articles about conditions in Qatar.


And the Liverpool coach sent a strongly worded message to the media, saying, “These are footballers who are going to play football and represent their country in the best way, asking them about everything else is not true.”


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