Klopp confirms the readiness of Alcantara and Fabinho for the Atletico Madrid

Champions League .. Klopp confirms the readiness of Alcantara and Fabinho for the Atletico Madrid match and the absence of Keita

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has confirmed the readiness of his players, Thiago Alcantara and Brazilian Fabinho, for the Atletico Madrid match tomorrow in the fourth round of the group stage of the Champions League.

Champions League

The German coach added, in statements during the introductory press conference against Liverpool and his counterpart Atletico Madrid:

“Thiago and Fabinho have trained completely normally and are competing, which is very good and useful. Naby Keita will be out for a while. I hope the players will be back soon.”

The Reds coach continued:

“Nabi Keita will be out for a while due to injury, he has a hamstring injury so he will be out for a while.”

The German coach added:

“It will be important to qualify, but we usually don’t have to talk about that because we usually have a final on the last match day, hopefully it won’t happen this year.”

Champions League

Jurgen Klopp continued:

“We want to celebrate with our fans tomorrow at Anfield.”

Jürgen added:

“5-0 against United doesn’t mean we’re perfect and 2-2 against Brighton doesn’t mean we have huge problems. The best way to defend against Brighton is to keep the ball and that was my problem.”

Klopp continued:

“Brighton deserved that point, but we have to defend better in general, we are working on that and it is better if we do it tomorrow night because Atlético is a very good football team.”

UEFA Champions League

About future goals, Klopp said: “We’re not perfect, I know that and I knew that before – we have to defend our territories better – that’s quite clear.”

Klopp continued:

“We were very happy to qualify for the Champions League to spend European nights like this on our soil.”

And about Diego Simeone? Klopp said: I respect him a lot.. We don’t know each other, but I respect what he does at Atletico. It’s totally exceptional.. Not shaking hands with him? If I knew he didn’t like it, I wouldn’t even try to do it to him.”

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