Does Coulibaly benefit Chelsea?


It seems that Senegalese international defender Kalidou Koulibaly is about to move for 40 million euros to Chelsea, and what preoccupies the minds of Chelsea fans is what the Napoli defender can offer Thomas Tuchel.


The Giant Defender, nicknamed K2, is 1.87m tall, strong in aerial tackles, surprisingly fast, and besides that, he has a very strong physique.


In recent years, Koulibaly has developed more offensively than in the past, leading to his contribution with three goals and three assists in 27 Serie A games last season.


This means the international defender has been directly involved in more goals during the 2021-22 season than Chelsea striker Timo Werner, who has scored four goals and assisted one in 21 Premier League games.


Koulibaly did not play many matches that season as he led Senegal to their first ever historic victory with the Africa Cup of Nations in January 2022.


Although he’s pretty much accustomed to defending in the four-man fashion, Koulibaly has occasionally played in the Libero position with Napoli, something that Chelsea under Tuchel may well like.


Coulibaly has played at Napoli since 2014 and was awarded a five-year contract worth 6 million euros per season, including bonuses, as well as the promise of a job at the club after retiring.


And while that was tempting, he reportedly felt this was his last chance to win titles at club level, as Napoli publicly lowered their expectations for the 2022-23 season.


Coach Luciano Spalletti has also repeatedly warned that their goal is not to win the league title, but to get fourth place and ensure a place among the top spots and qualify for the Champions League.

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