Lazio reveals the details of Immobile’s injury after being excluded from the Italian national team


The medical staff of the Italian club Lazio announced that the Italian national team striker, Ciro Immobile, underwent medical tests today, at the Baidia International Hospital, one day after he was excluded from the Italian team’s trip to face Hungary, which is scheduled to take place today at 9:15 pm at the Puskas Arena in the sixth round. For the third group in the first level in the UEFA Nations League for the current season 2022-2023.


Lazio’s statement confirmed that the player has already started the specific treatment of the condition and will be subject to daily clinical monitoring, and more tests will be repeated in the next few days to determine the date of his return to the stadiums again.


“We tried and did everything right to try to keep Immobile with us, but this morning we decided it wasn’t worth the risk,” Roberto Mancini said in the match press conference about Immobile’s exclusion from the match.


“It was a disappointment for him and for us, the player would have been happy, he did it during the first game, but it was too dangerous to risk it,” added Mancini.


Mancini continued, “He was not in a bad condition, but he had not trained with us for three days, he had tests this morning and this was decided by the doctor. We met upon our arrival in Milan, but his absence was already discussed.”


“It’s a problem that all international coaches face, as they call players who have a lot of commitments and trips, the important thing is that they want to do international duty, although sometimes the team can be loved a little more,” the Italy coach stressed.


“We will make some changes and we have to see what the players look like. We have to be patient, attack and try to make the most of our chances. It is also important to defend well, because Hungary will be there to win in front of 70,000 spectators,” Mancini confirmed.


“We are evaluating the best approach to causing problems for Hungary. If we confirm the system used at San Siro, it will be important to attack with more players. We are evaluating both ideas.”


“Hungary also plays with three in defence, so if we play the same way, we don’t have to panic in order to score goals quickly,” Mancini said. “We definitely need to be more offensive than we were against England.”


On Raspadori, Mancini said: “We brought him to the eurozone even when he had very few matches, so he could become an important player, but he needs more international experience. Reaching the fourth final could be important for the younger players in the team.”


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