Schmeichel talks about how he saved Salah’s penalty

Schmeichel talks about how he saved Salah’s penalty

Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel revealed how he saved Mohamed Salah’s penalty kick.

Leicester City beat Liverpool in the match that was held at King Power Stadium in the 20th round of the English Premier League.

The match saw Kasper Schmeichel save a penalty kick in the first half by Mohamed Salah.

In statements to the media after the match, Schmeichel said: “It was a very important victory. In the Manchester City match, we played a great second half, and to play with that performance today despite the fatigue, this adds to our balance.”

“We want to attack and win, but sometimes against teams like Manchester City and Liverpool you have to defend and play on the counter-attack.”

He added, “The win was very fun, we have to rest and move forward in order to maintain the continuity that we have not found so far, we were lucky today.”

And Schmeichel answered his question if he had studied Mohamed Salah to save the penalty kick, saying: “No, I did not study it completely, I had a feeling and went with him. The times that we didn’t have against City and he was with us today.”

The win raised Leicester City’s balance to the 25th point in ninth place, while Liverpool’s balance stopped at the 41st point in second place, six points behind Manchester City, the leader.

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