Lewandowski: I want to leave Bayern and I have only seen offers from Barcelona


The Polish international Robert Lewandowski, the Bayern Munich striker, confirmed his desire to leave the Bavarian club during the current summer transfers, before the expected match against Belgium, which will be held at nine o’clock in the evening, tomorrow, Wednesday, at the “King Baudouin” stadium in the second round of Group D in the first level of the championship. European Nations League.

“I just want to leave Bayern Munich,” Lewandowski said on Monday. “Loyalty and respect are more important than work. The best way is to find a solution together.”

Lewandowski added: “Something has died in me, I want to leave Bayern for more feelings in my life.”

Robert Lewandowski stressed: “What kind of player would he want to come to Bayern Munich if he knew he wouldn’t be able to leave the club? Where is the loyalty and respect? I’ve always wanted to play even with injuries.”

Lewandowski continued: “No other offers were considered except for Barcelona.”

Press reports shed light on the fate of the Polish Robert Lewandowski, the Bayern Munich striker, who is in great demand during this period at the Spanish club Barcelona. And the German channel, “Sport 1”, stated that at the present time, Bayern Munich does not want to negotiate directly with Barcelona about his departure from the team this summer, and the player’s agent, Benny Zahavi, begins to pressure the two clubs to meet and approach the settlement of the deal in the coming days.

The channel added that Lewandowski does not intend to attend the pre-season stage for Bayern Munich in terms of attending the training sessions, which are scheduled to take place in the first week of July, because he wants to leave the team this summer.

The Bayern Munich striker sent a strong message to the Bavarian club management about his future after the end of the 2021-2022 season, as his contract with Bayern expires in June 2023, and the player announced his desire to leave permanently this summer, amid interest from Barcelona club to include him to support the Barca attack.

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