Liverpool FC supports the Moroccan child Ryan

Liverpool FC supports the Moroccan child Ryan: We hope that he returns to his family safely and in good health

The official page of the English club Liverpool was keen to provide support to the Moroccan child Rayan, who won the attention of the whole world during the past few days.

Where the official page of the Reds, via Twitter, published a tweet, and wrote: “The hearts of everyone in Liverpool FC are with the Moroccan child Ryan, and we hope that he returns to his family safely and in good health.”

Khaled Oram, the father of Rayan’s child, said: “Despite the tragedy that the family is going through, the Moroccan and Arab solidarity warmed his heart and his wife, Wasima, who had not slept since their son fell into the well.”

Rayan’s father added, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day” of the Save the Child website, that since the crisis he has been following the calls of everyone from within Morocco and the Arab countries and praying to God for the child’s safe exit, saying: “Your prayers have reached heaven and are sufficient for us.”

Rayan’s father, Khaled, thanked the rescue teams who continued day and night and spared no effort to reach the child, saying:

“If it wasn’t for the food and water supplies that reached my son, he would have died of starvation, and the surveillance cameras that the rescue team succeeded in lowering into the well to follow up on my child’s condition are what brought me and the nation back to life.

Ryan’s father concluded that the elements of the civil force are still inside the tunnel now, since the excavation team left the tunnel three hours ago, and the civil protection elements inside the tunnel did not specify until the hour of Ryan’s exit.

He added that the Moroccan authorities had prepared an ambulance with a mobile intensive care unit to help his son at the moment he was discharged, and the medical team is still dealing with the case.

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