The crowded Liverpool matches…playing 3 matches a week


From now until the end of the season, Liverpool will play three games a week and the Reds beat Manchester City 3-2 last weekend to book a place in the FA Cup final which will see their previously scheduled game against Southampton switched to a midweek venue.

It is unlikely that Jurgen Klopp will have any other opportunities to make changes and the importance of each game is so great.

Injuries at the wrong time may play a role but as of now it looks like there is a group of players who will struggle to make any line up from now until the end of the season so let’s think about the people that might be included in that unfortunate group.

Joe Gomez may seem like a potential candidate having started just four Premier League or Champions League games all season however Klopp may view him as a suitable cover for Trent Alexander-Arnold who may not be able to play up to 10 matches in 34 days Ibrahima Konate and Costas Tsimekas should get chances too.

But what about the midfield? Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has become the forgotten man after being disqualified out of three of his last five matches.

The former Arsenal player did not participate in the Champions League knockout stages and his last PL appearance came more than two months ago against Norwich City on February 19 and on that basis it is difficult to see him appear in the starting line-up before the end of the season, and this may prompt him to think seriously about his future. .

Curtis Jones has appeared recently as he started the return leg against Inter and the ground struggle with Watford on both sides of the international break but has been an unused sub-player in both Benfica’s two matches as well as the last two Premier League games and he may be in a stronger position than Oxlade-Chamberlain but it wouldn’t be surprising that We see him restricted to a few more rounds in the next five weeks.

Meanwhile, silence prevailed on Harvey Elliott’s front, his return from injury was long overdue after a bright start to the season, and his start away from home felt like a moment of breakthrough.

But he has not been seen at all in the two major competitions since then and Elliott has not appeared in any of the last four squads in the Premier League and more importantly he was in the Under-23 squad at the beginning of April and Klopp may have chosen to withdraw him from the spotlight.

From now on the main midfield rotation may consist of Fabinho, Jordan Henderson, Thiago, Naby Keita and occasionally James Milner

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