Liverpool lose their European campaign against Napoli



Napoli swept its guest, Liverpool, in the first match of Group A of the European Champions League, by four against a single goal, at the “Diego Armando Maradona” stadium.


And Polish midfielder Piotr Zielanski opened the score for Napoli in the 5th minute from the penalty mark, which he obtained himself.


Zaylansky hit a ball from the edge of the penalty area, hitting James Milner’s hand, and receiving a penalty kick, to translate it successfully, advancing to Napoli early.


Nigerian striker Victor Osmin missed Napoli’s second goal against Liverpool after missing a penalty kick in the 18th minute.


Osmin got a penalty kick in the 16th minute after an intervention from Virgil van Dijk, but the Nigerian striker missed it after a special save from Alisson Becker.


Midfielder Andre Inguesa scored Napoli’s second goal in the 31st minute after a great teamwork with Poland’s Zielanski on the edge of the penalty area.


Inguesa penetrated Liverpool’s defenses with a “One To” pass with Zaylansky to set aside Alisson’s goal, and then hit the ball with great accuracy in the Liverpool goal.


Argentine striker Giovanni Simeone added the third goal in the 44th minute, after coming on as a substitute in just 3 minutes, to increase the yield of Napoli’s goals against Liverpool.


Simeone received Kfara’s wonderful pass on Alisson Becker’s goal line, to score the third goal easily against the empty Liverpool goalkeeper.


Giovanni Simeone cried while celebrating Napoli’s goal against Liverpool, amid great joy from the Italian team’s players.


Polish midfielder Piotr Zielanski continued his brilliance, scoring Napoli’s fourth goal against Liverpool with the start of the second half.


Giovanni Simeone received the ball in the space behind the Liverpool defense before passing it to Zailansky’s single goal, Alisson, to hit it and the Brazilian goalkeeper shined before the Polish completed it in the goal.


But only two minutes passed, until Luis Diaz managed to reduce the difference with the first goal with a missile shot from outside the penalty area in the 49th minute.


Napoli occupies second place in Group A, while Liverpool occupies third place in the table.


It is noteworthy that Ajax defeated its Scottish counterpart Rangers 4-0 in the opening matches of the first group, to occupy the top of the group.


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