Great behavior from Liverpool and Manchester City after postponing the seventh round of the English Premier League



Press reports revealed a wonderful behavior from Liverpool and Manchester City, after the matches of the seventh round of the English Premier League were postponed.


And the English Premier League announced, this morning, that the matches of the seventh round of the championship had been postponed following the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England.


Liverpool were supposed to meet Wolverhampton, in that round, with Manchester City facing Tottenham.


And the English newspaper “Mirror” reported that Liverpool decided to donate food for the Wolverhampton match, to local food banks.


A club spokesperson said: “Liverpool have been able to stop much food preparation ahead of Saturday’s game against Wolverhampton, while fresh food that has been prepared has been donated to the local community since 9am on Friday and will continue all day on Saturday, and this includes 30 carts of fresh sandwiches.” .


She added: “Donations have gone to Whitechapel Homeless Center, Victory Outreach Hostel, L30 Community Centre, two schools in Anfield, food bank support for the masses and more.”



Meanwhile, Manchester City will pay any workers who were expected to be on shift during this weekend’s postponed men’s and women’s matches.


Pep Guardiola and his team were due to play Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday at the Etihad Stadium, while City’s women’s soccer team prepares to start their Women’s Premier League campaign at the Academy Stadium on Sunday against Arsenal.


Despite the reasons behind the postponements, the decision had consequences for any preparations already made for this weekend’s matches as well as the people who were expected to participate.


City acted so that anyone who worked under contract and was willing to work for either match would be paid, and any perishable food would be distributed to organizations in Manchester to try to waste as little as possible.


Crystal Palace also donated food, including 100kg of fruit and vegetables, for Saturday’s postponed game against Manchester United to Norwood Food Bank and City Harvest.


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