An American newspaper reveals the secret of the Liverpool owner’s desire to sell the club


Press reports revealed the secret of the desire of John W Henry, owner of the English club Liverpool, who is a professional in his ranks, the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, to sell the club during the coming period.




And the British newspaper, The Athletic, had previously confirmed that Liverpool had been put up for sale by the Fenway Sports Group that owns the club, which invited interested parties to submit their offers.


According to the American newspaper, “The New York Post”, John W. Henry’s desire to sell Liverpool FC, because he wants to buy the Washington Commanders American Football Club.


The newspaper added that the owner of the Reds, had been seeking to sell the club since 2018, but the financial offers that would make him give up the ownership of the English club did not arrive.




In the same context, German coach Jurgen Klopp, technical director of the Liverpool team, talked about the sale of his English club in light of the investment offers being studied by the “Fenway Sport Group” that owns the club.


“We have known about the Fenway Sport Group’s ideas for a bit longer, and I don’t know why we are all saying that the club will be sold,” Klopp told the press conference.


“What I’ve read is that they are looking for investors and that makes sense, a good idea, I like it, it never spoils our preparations.”


And the German coach continued: “For me, this does not mean anything, regardless of what happens. I really like the way we work together with the owners, but if that changes, I am committed to the club for sure.”


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