“They lost three.” Two weeks decide the fate of Mohamed Salah with Liverpool and this is his next destination


Liverpool fans received a new shock, losing their team on Saturday evening in the league championship against the Bration team by three goals to none, in addition to appearing at a very bad level in the absence of front-line stars Núñez and Firmino due to injury, as the loss caused the team to return to eighth place in the table.


After a series of disappointing results for the Liverpool team, it has become not to meet the ambitions of the player Mohamed Salah or a catalyst to add more to achieve individual or collective glories, and the player has become threatened with many losses at the individual or collective level at a time when his rivals seize additional throws and add them to their personal numbers, in conjunction with the team’s suffering from real crises at the technical and material level, especially on the signing of useless deals such as Luis Diaz and Darozin Núñez to the Kagbo deal, which did not Its contours are evident so far.


Salah’s fate with Liverpool


And demanded a lot of fans of Mohamed Salah with the negative results of the team to leave the ranks of Liverpool and jump from the sinking ship like his colleague Sadio Mane, who left for the ranks of Bayern Munich, where they expected that the current season of Salah with the Liverpool zero for the first time since his presence in the Premier League, as it will affect this in not getting any individual title such as scorer or the title of the best in the English league, in addition to losing the best championship in Africa due to the brilliance of a number of stars Africans in the World Cup such as Hakim Ziyech, Ashraf Hakimi, Noureddine Mrabet and others


Does the surprise happen?


Previous reports were estimated to link the decline in Liverpool’s level since the beginning of the season and the fate of Mohamed Salah in the club during the current winter transfer window or after the end of the season, as it indicated that Salah will think about leaving if the results continue in this way and will lose his chance in any of the European competitions and therefore may agree to leave for any club.


Mohamed Salah is separated from the end of the ongoing winter transfers only 15 days in the event of a decision to leave the ranks of the Liver, or may postpone the idea of leaving to the next summer transfer period after the end of the current season, especially since press reports confirmed that Salah has many offers from major clubs such as the French giant Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and Barcelona and other clubs.


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