Liverpool Vs Wolverhampton .. The date of the match and Klopp’s statements

Liverpool Vs Wolverhampton .. The date of the match and Klopp’s statements before the match

The German coach, Jurgen Klopp, the coach of the Liverpool team, praised the pride of Egypt and the Reds team, Mohamed Salah, in the first press conference for the team’s match against Wolves, which brings them together today, Saturday, 12/4/2121 in the 15th round of the League Championship and the English Premier League competition.

Liverpool Vs Wolverhampton

In the first press conference for the match, Klopp dismissed the accusations leveled against Mohamed Salah by some critics that he was selfish, saying:

 “Salah? We never criticized him for being selfish because he was never selfish.”

He added, “The experience factor helps us greatly when you are in different situations on the field, and this helps us is that Salah has experience and has not lost the desire to score, but he has developed technically and is in a better position and it is amazing to see how he has developed.”

On the last Everton game, he said:

“It was Liverpool’s best performance at Goodison Park since he arrived but we want more. I don’t know if we can perform for 90 minutes like we did in the first 20 minutes on Wednesday night.”

And about facing Wolverhampton, he said:

“Wolverhampton has very dangerous defensive techniques and the same where everyone participates in the defense process. When we looked at Jota’s numbers and his beginnings, the process of pressing with them was fantastic.”

Regarding the Christmas period, he commented:

“Holidays are always the best days and everything is fine until Christmas, when you play every two days, but we accept that and we play and this is a culture here but it is very difficult.”

He continued, “We must be fully prepared, advance and win all the matches. The title struggle is very exciting and there are a lot of matches before March and April, so we focus on each match.”

Liverpool is in third place in the English Premier League table with 30 points, 3 points behind leaders Chelsea and two points from Manchester City, the runner-up.

Match date

The two teams will play the match at 5:00 Egypt time, 6:00 Mecca time, 4:00 Algeria and Morocco time… This match will be outside Anfield at Wolverhampton Stadium.

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