Lloris misses Tottenham two months


Hugo Lloris, Tottenham’s goalkeeper, will be absent from his club for a long time due to injury, and the Telegraph newspaper reported that Lloris will be absent for a period ranging from 6 to 8 weeks after suffering a knee injury in the Manchester City match.


Loris’ medical reports


Tests showed that Hugo had damaged his knee ligaments and will now need a period of recovery, and Tottenham hopes that Loris can recover without the need for surgery, so the medical team will continue to examine him periodically.


Initial expectations indicated that Lloris might miss the rest of the season, but Tottenham hope that the Frenchman can return within two months at the most.


A few days ago, the club stated that its coach, Antonio Conte, would miss leading his team in the upcoming matches, due to undergoing surgery.


And the English club said in a statement: “Antonio Conte has recently developed severe abdominal pain.”


“After being diagnosed with cholecystitis, Conte will undergo cholecystectomy on Wednesday and will return after a period of convalescence,” he added.


“Everyone at the club wishes Antonio all the best,” the statement concluded.


Conte’s assistant, Christian Stellini, is supervising Tottenham’s training in his absence, and for its part, The Athletic Network reported that Conte will be absent from Tottenham for a period of nearly two months, and thus the Italian coach may miss his team in at least 9 matches after undergoing surgery.


Tottenham will play its next matches against Leicester City, West Ham United, Chelsea, Wolverhampton, Nottingham Forest and Southampton in the English Premier League and Milan twice in the Champions League.


Tottenham ranks fifth in the English Premier League, while it plays against AC Milan in the Champions League round of 16.


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