Luis Suarez sends golden advice to Nunez after he was sent off against Crystal Palace

Luis Suarez sends golden advice to Nunez after he was sent off against Crystal Palace


Uruguayan striker Darwin Nunez, who was recently signed to Liverpool, made headlines this week in England after he was sent off, losing his nerve and hitting the head of Crystal Palace defender Joachim Andersen.


Nunez was heavily criticized for the incident and did not help Liverpool win the 1-1 draw, and since the Uruguayan striker has apologized and promised it would not happen again.


In turn, his compatriot Luis Suarez, the former Liverpool striker, gave him several advice, as Luis Suarez called Nunez after the incident, and Suarez said: “With what happened that day, I was talking to him, he should be aware of the fact that they will talk about him two or three times, and more Because it is in the English Premier League.”


He added: “It’s nothing serious, we all got it wrong and we were sent off, but in England they make the minimum of things a big deal.”


Suarez had a successful but controversial time in England while at Liverpool, where he was suspended for making a racist comment to Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, and was also seen biting ex-Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic.


The ex-Barcelona striker managed to shake off his demeanor after that, although he has never lost his temper and has not been involved in anything similar since then, and Suarez believes Nunez can use his experience to improve.


Suarez commented: “It is important to fall and get up in order to be stronger. Darwin is someone who listens a lot, he is very smart and he will change the situation.”


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