Macron Delighted with Benzema’s Return to the National Team

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his happiness at Benzema’s return to the French national team after a long absence.

The president praised this decision by the coach of the national team.

In fact, the French team is preparing for the Euro 2020 tournament.

Macron on Benzema’s Return to the French National Team

“I think Karim Benzema represents something,” Macron said in comments on BFM TV. “There had been more tense moments. For many French people, he is first and foremost a great football champion. He left for several years in Spain and is followed closely by the fans. I also think that he is a model of success for many young people of immigrant background.”

The President added, “He is a player who has matured, I was very happy to find him. I think that the coach made the right choice, for his team and the sport.”

He continued, “when you have differences at a given moment, reasons which means that we do not retain someone, and well we can evolve because this person matures, corrects his faults. Karim Benzema has gained in sporting and personal maturity. We can feel it, he is much more serene and fulfilled. has a huge club-playing career. In life, you can make mistakes. there is never anything crippling when you make an effort to come back.”

Mr. Macron concluded, “The decision to call up Benzema for the national team is the illustration of a very beautiful intelligence, on both sides, I think it is for the better. It means we are all making progress in life.”


Last season, Benzema performed well with Real Madrid during the season, but the team did not win any titles.

Thus, Zinedine Zidane left Real Madrid’s training after a season of fluctuating level and the absence of titles.


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