Man City vs Chelsea.. Guardiola: We have new cases of corona

Man City vs Chelsea.. Guardiola: We have new cases of corona and Takhil is a creative coach

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola confirmed that new cases of Corona virus were recorded within the team before the fiery confrontation against Chelsea, which is scheduled for tomorrow evening, Saturday, at the “Al Ittihad” stadium, at the top of the twenty-second round of the English Premier League competition. Premier League for the 2021-2022 season.

Man City vs Chelsea

Guariola said in the press conference for the match, “Yes, we have some new positive cases. Some players have returned, and some are positive again, when the test result is negative twice, you will return, otherwise you will stay at home isolated, as it happens in all clubs in the past three months.”

“Unfortunately, we have been accustomed to dealing with this situation for a long time, we have been in these conditions for a year or two, we adapt and we hope that the new cases will be dealt with and the players will return in good condition,” added Guariola.

Guardiola continued, “It is the decision of the Premier League, it is not my decision, I think that Covid is spread all over the world, not more or less somewhere, it is not that there is no Corona virus in this part of the world. It is not true.”

The Manchester City coach continued his statements, saying, “We had a lot of cases and injuries. We played against Aston Villa with only 11 players from the first team. The last five games we played with players from the academy on the bench, we are in the same situation as all other clubs.”

Man City vs Chelsea

Guardiola continued, “We learn from each other, before we try to plan for the next few days, what we learned is to take it day by day, we make decisions a few hours before the training session or the match because we can be fine and then in four or five Hours showing positive cases.

Speaking about Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel, Guardiola said: “Tuchel is a very creative coach. One of the few coaches I constantly learn from to become a better coach. He is excellent in all respects. I enjoyed watching his teams in Mainz and Dortmund and his method. He makes football better.”

Guardiola concluded his statements by saying, “Football does not stop at one day. Our good matches are a thing of the past. Football is constantly developing. You have periods when you play well, the key is to keep that for as long as possible. Tomorrow we will face the European champions. An excellent team.”

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