Mancini: Inter, Milan and Juventus have strong chances to win the Italian League


Italy coach Roberto Mancini confirmed that Milan, Inter and Juventus have better chances of winning the Italian league title this season than those of Roma and Napoli.


Roberto Mancini told La Gazzetta dello Sport: “Milan, Inter and Juventus are in front of them all, then I think Roma and Napoli, the real football should start, but the Rossoneri’s summer has sent gratifying signals, they have Leao who can still grow a lot and the same. The same goes for Tonali.”


Roberto Mancini added: “For both of them it should be the decisive season, Inter Milan always have the same defense and the three points will bring more focus, while in Italy Lukaku makes the difference.”


“I look at Bastoni who can be a great defender, but he has to do it, it has to be an important season for him,” Mancini explained.


“I see a Lazio team that can get themselves into the race to qualify for the Champions League,” said Roberto Mancini. “A little change is often an advantage if you have the power of knowledge.”


The Italy coach confirmed: “Immobile? We spoke before the last matches. He did not inform me of anything before, so there is no problem for me.”


About Roma, Roberto Mancini said: “Dybala is a great possession, technical and not just emotional. I like this Roma a lot, because they are loyal to the game and bought players who can support that, like Matic and Wijnaldum, who bring strength and balance.”


“Mourinho is the perfect coach to tame the risks,” said Mancini. “He has experience to provide. And in this team, I hope Zaniolo will continue to improve.”


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